Your Porsche deserves dedicated attention for optimal performance. Trust our expert independent Porsche service specialists to provide integrity-driven services that leave you satisfied. Avoid the extra costs of the dealership and choose our affordable, high-quality services. Don't settle for anything less than the best value for your Porsche.

Regular oil and filter changes are vital for your vehicle's maintenance. Ensure the longevity and performance of your Porsche by visiting us for our comprehensive yearly maintenance and oil change services. Treat your Porsche with the respect it deserves.

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When buying a used Porsche, numerous factors come into play: Was it garaged? How was it driven? Was maintenance performed by certified Porsche technicians? Unfortunately, the previous owner's treatment is often unknown. Visit us for a PPI to have peace of mind about the vehicle's condition before your purchase.

Ensure the smooth and precise operation of your Porsche's transmission with our comprehensive transmission service. Our expert technicians are equipped to handle all transmission needs. Trust us to keep your Porsche shifting flawlessly on the road.


Ensure optimal braking performance and safety for your Porsche with our professional brake fluid flush service. Drive confidently knowing your brakes are in top condition.

Your Porsche's airbags are crucial for collision safety. To ensure proper deployment, Porsche recommends checking the airbag system every four years. Don't overlook the electronic components that contribute to their reliable performance.


At HOUSE Automotive, we recognize the unique characteristics of each Porsche model and the need for specialized service. Whether it's a Carrera GT, Cayenne, or Panamera, our certified independent Porsche mechanics strictly adhere to the brand's maintenance schedules as directed by Porsche.

Designed for our fellow Porsche racing enthusiasts in the Southern California area, HOUSE Automotive specializes in reputable, aftermarket performance exhaust upgrades. We Offer a complete Performance Package designed for all 997.2 Carrera S and Carrera GTS vehicles from 2009 to present.



Our independent Porsche technicians have a passion for making sure that your Porsche runs smoothly. Whether you’re in Beverly Hills, San Gabriel, Temple City or anywhere else near Pasadena and Los Angeles, you can trust our “Porsche service near me” to go above and beyond the competition.