The Marsien – A Supercharged Porsche Designed for the Desert

In a new article from Motortrend, we learn about the supercharged Porsche designed by Marc Phillip Gemballa, the son of late Uwe Gemballa, that is designed for off-road use, specifically for driving in desert sand. Called the Marsien, only 40 units of this cutting-edge, modified Porsche will be sold. 

It All Started With Project Sandbox 

Starting with a 922-generation 911 Turbo S, Gemballa enlisted the help of Alan Derosier, a well-known designer and Porsche enthusiast. The creation of this car was titled Project Sandbox and took two years to complete. Gemballa’s goal was to design and build a car that was ideal for driving off-road, whether it be in dirt or sand dunes. 

A Car Designed for Handling Sand Dunes

The Marsien was designed with an updated suspension including a newly developed double-wishbone front suspension from KW. The driver has the ability to adjust their ride height from 4.7 inches to 9.8 inches with the touch of a button to increase maneuverability over rough terrain. Each Marsien comes with two sets of forged aluminum wheels: one for road use and one with all-terrain tires designed for off-roading in dirt or sand. There are also a number of option packages and features that can be added to the Marsien so the driver can customize it to their needs.  

A Peek Inside the New Marsien

The inside of the Marsien has been enhanced for the off-road driver just as well as the performance. With a choice between full leather or Alcantara upholstery, specially designed bucket seats with carbon fiber trim, and a custom lifted center console, the Marsien is a one-of-a-kind, high-end, luxury off-roading vehicle. 

Will You Be One of the 40?

According to Gemballa, more than half of the 40 Marsiens available have been sold. This means that there are less than 20 left for purchase. The Marsien starts at approximately $583,000 with a range of customizations and special packages available. 

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