The Porsche Pilgrimage: Visiting The Porsche Museum In Stuttgart, Germany

We’re approaching the time of year when people start to make all kinds of resolutions about what they will work to accomplish in the coming year, and if you’re a dedicated Porsche enthusiast like the independent Porsche service experts at HOUSE Automotive in Pasadena, then we’ve got one that you’ll want to add to your list.


Whether done as a resolution for the coming year or as a bucket list item of high-priority, every Porsche fan should make a trip to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany — the birthplace of the Porsche line of cars and other engineering wonders.


Read on to learn about the experiences that await you, and remember to call the team at HOUSE Automotive in Pasadena when your Porsche needs service. As serious Porsche fanatics and certified independent service providers, we treat every Porsche in our workshop like it was our own beautiful baby.


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The Porsche Archives

The Porsche Museum is home to the Porsche Archive, a massive vault that contains over 2.5 million photos, slides, and images, over 4,000 books, and almost 1,800 hours (2.5 months) of video resources, this mine of Porsche history is one of the most impressive collections of automotive history in the world.

The Porsche Museum Workshop

With over 80 vehicles throughout the museum and a touring Porsche exhibition of classic models that must be maintained in pristine, running shape, the Porsche Museum also features a full-service Porsche workshop with a master craftsman three mechanics, and a professional leatherworker.


This team can be seen working on rare Porsches daily, including high-performance racing cars of the past like the 12-cylinder 917. For people like us, watching other professional Porsche mechanics work so close to where it all started, and on such incredible cars, is just shy of heaven. We think most weekend wrench-turners and budding mechanical enthusiasts will feel the same way.

One-Of-A-Kind Interactive Experiences

Aside from its stunning architecture and lineup of over 80 cars on display including the 356, 550, 911, and 917, the Porsche Museum also features a one-of-a-kind series of permanent and changing installments and exhibits. 


Some of our favorites include the interactive Porsche Touchwall, where visitors can explore the technical aspects, history, and spirit of close to a century’s worth of automotive and racing history, and the new “Porsche in the Mix” audio/visual experience. This new exhibit allows Porsche fans to experience the wonder of Porsche like never before by hearing and seeing the components of classic Porsches come alive one at a time until they culminate in a symphony of sound, perfectly duplicating the sounds of classic Porsche engines running and racing.

Factory Tours

Pro tip: the savvy museum-goer can also add a Porsche factory tour at the beginning of their experience, however, as of December 2019, this add-on was only available when scheduled in advance.

Trust Your Porsche To The Team That Loves Porsches 

We hope you make it to the Porsche Museum this year, and we hope that you love it as much as we do. However, as 2019 rolls out and 2020 rolls in, we hope you make a resolution to provide your beloved Pasadena Porsche with the service and care that it deserves by bringing it to the independent Porsche service team at HOUSE Automotive. Happy New Year.