How to Properly Store Your Porsche During the Off-Season

We know, we know — it’s only mid-October right now, and we’re in ever-sunny Southern California. We get it; it’s pretty nice down in Los Angeles no matter what time of year it is. Garaging your precious Porsche, in many cases, just isn’t necessary.

However, continuing to drive your Porsche when it gets a little colder out may be out of necessity rather than free will. Hardcore Porsche owners may daily drive their vehicle, and hey, what better place to do it than here? At HOUSE Automotive, our years of experience providing the very best independent Porsche service in Pasadena has allowed us the privilege to meet many different Porsche owners. From daily drivers to weekend track junkies and collectors, believe us when we say that we’ve truly seen it all (except for the Mission E, so far).

Taking Good Care of Your Porsche: It’s What We Do!

Though our guide to optimal Porsche care is a great resource for owners to take great care of their vehicle, we wanted to set aside today’s blog post for those who are hanging up the keys and storing away their precious ride for the “winter.” Whether you have an incredibly rare and valuable vintage Porsche or you have multiple rides and don’t want to insure all of them year-round, this one’s for you.

Get Your Oil Changed

Unlike the gas in your tank, oil can sit for long periods of time and still be completely fine upon start up (just give your Porsche ample time to warm up and reach running temperature once you’re “reviving” it in the late spring or early summer). Why take your vehicle out for a first-of-the-year drive with old, used oil? Start the driving season off right by preparing ahead of time with an oil change from us.

Wash and Wax

Once you’ve decided to retire your Porsche for the rest of the calendar year (something that makes us sad, no doubt), you’ll want to garage or cover it while it’s clean. Trapping in dirt and dust doesn’t make any sense if you’re preserving it, so give your Porsche a good once-over with paint-friendly soapy water and a hand sponge. If you’re not buff and wax-savvy, it’s worth taking your vehicle to a professional for a proper job.

Decide What You Want To Do With Your Battery

Naturally, your once-charged battery will eventually die when its unused for an extended period of time. Here are your main options: leave it connected, disconnect it, or hook up battery tenders that will keep fresh power running to your vehicle (admittedly, a wasteful option if you’re not really planning on driving for months on end).

Road & Track has a great in-depth guide on preserving your battery during the winter if you’d like to learn more.

Keep Your Interior Dry With a Desiccant

Though winters are generally pretty dry, the last thing you want is to excitedly open your car door once driving season finally arrives, only to be put off by a nasty, musty odor coming from your interior. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to control the relative dryness of your interior; simply stick a dehumidifier product on the dash or the center console. Done!

Be Mindful of Your Coolant Levels

While some people have the luxury of a climate-controlled garage, not all of us are Jay Leno. Without the right amount of coolant-to-water ratio, the water can freeze and expand, spelling major engine damage. If you have a standard garage — as most people do — check your coolant levels before you cover up your Porsche.

Don’t Forget About Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizer is important because the gas in your tank is only good for about 30 days before it goes bad. You can drain the tank prior to parking your Porsche so that fuel isn’t wasted, and then add in more fuel next summer, but why give yourself the extra step? Fuel stabilizer is your friend.

Visit HOUSE Automotive For Unparalleled Independent Porsche Service In Pasadena

Our team is just as enthusiastic about your ride as you are. Let us help take care of it! Contact us today with any questions or proactively schedule an appointment ahead of time online.

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