Keeping Up With The Latest News and Developments From Porsche

There’s a lot going on in the Porsche world these days. From their hometown of Stuttgart, Germany to our Pasadena Porsche service center, our favorite automotive brand is continuing to innovate themselves all for the sake of one individual in mind: the driver. Well, Porsche also keeps the wellbeing, comfort and safety of their passengers in mind, but they really do value the driver experience. As automotive enthusiasts ourselves…we’re just fine with that!

Our Porsche Service Center Meets the Porsche Newsroom

If you follow our emails, you’ll receive timely service reminders, updates, and Porsche-related news sent straight to your inbox. The majority of Porsche owners that roll through our shop are just as passionate as we are about their ride; that’s why we do our best to cater to owners like you with curated emails and relevant blog posts about all things Porsche.

Well, today’s blog post is no exception. Though what you’ll read below is by no means entirely comprehensive, we’ve selected what we believe to be some of the most significant developments and news items to come out of the Porsche world recently. Rev up those flat-six engines and let’s get started!

Porsche Passport and Porsche Drive

Have you ever wanted to rent out a particular Porsche model for, say, four hours? How about an entire day, or even an entire month? Well, with the power of Porche Passport and Porsche Drive, you can.

Serving different areas, these rental programs are controlled via an app. When you request to drive your desired model for X amount of time, the vehicle itself will be delivered to your location (in metro Atlanta) in two hours or less. Users can choose among any models in Porsche’s current lineup. We will say that, with rather staggering rental prices like these, it’s probably more cost-effective just to purchase or lease a Porsche!

Lucky enough for us here in Southern California, Porsche has also launched Porsche Host, partnering with Turo, another unconventional exotic car rental company. They’ll be serving San Francisco and Los Angeles with their Porsche rental service — let’s be honest; we know that you’re probably dying to drive a new model, even for just a few hours.

The Highest-Rated Vehicle of 2018 (By JD Power)

It’s well known that JD Power is the authority in consumer reviews and assessing product quality. To receive an accolade from JD Power is certainly nothing shy of an honor. What if we told you that Porsche received four different accolades?

It’s true. Beating out the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class by two points (94 to 92), we’re proud of the brand we know and love. Of the 13 models that received 90 points or higher (out of 100), four different Porsche models were on the board. Besides the 911, the other models were the Macan, the 718 (Boxster), and the Cayenne. It’s fair to say that now is a better time than ever to buy a brand new Porsche!

Who’s Interested In Tractor Racing?

That’s right. If you thought that Porsche’s competitiveness stops at conventional automobiles, well, you’re wrong. On Saturday, September 29th, one of two Porsche tractor races will go down at the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway in California — not too far from us, actually. As far as 14 horsepower races go, you don’t want to miss out on this event.

Beginning at the standard starting line on the track, the race only goes through Turn 5 on the track, and then it ends. That’s because the race organizers were worried that the tractors wouldn’t generate enough speed to make it up the famous Corkscrew hill on the track, and in all honesty, they’re probably right.

The Current Best-Selling Porsche In North America

…is not the 911. Though the 911 is the second best selling Porsche according to August 2018 North American sales numbers, as well as the second best selling Porsche to date in 2018, the Macan takes the cake. We think that this practical Porsche purchase trend may be due to the sheer utility and relative affordability of the Macan (compared to the Cayenne, that is), but hey, we’re Porsche service experts, not consumer trend specialists.

A Secret Porsche Collection

At any time of the year, you can find a myriad of Porsches at HOUSE Automotive. Here’s the thing, though: they come and go. We love serving our customer’s Porsches on a regular basis because that means they’re actually driving them, but we don’t want to see them too often because that means that something could be (and probably is) majorly wrong.

So, while our “collection” of Porsches is temporary, Lisa Taylor’s isn’t. Once a horse riding enthusiast, she decided to switch over to motorized horsepower and hasn’t regretted anything since. We’re unsure exactly how many Porsches Lisa owns, let alone other supercars, but let’s just say that “many” is a more appropriate quantity than “several.” Heck, she even owns a Porsche Diesel Standard AP tractor. Maybe she’ll enter the upcoming tractor race!

Stay Up-To-Date With HOUSE Automotive

Whether you’re subscribed to our emails or you tend to frequent our blog during breaks at work, there’s always something worthwhile and interesting to learn about the Porsche world. Better yet, if you’re looking for the true enthusiast’s experience, dropping by our Pasadena Porsche service shop is a great way to exchange some turbocharged banter with fellow enthusiasts like us.

Is it time for a service check-up? We’re here for you. Schedule an appointment today or, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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