Keeping Your Porsche In Pristine Condition While It’s Still Summer

It’s been a busy summer here at HOUSE Automotive. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly true — we stay busy no matter what time of year it is. Who could blame us? We’re a top-rated local Porsche service center, providing the best independent Porsche repair services in the greater Los Angeles Area. Drivers in Pasadena just happen to have excellent taste because there are so many Porsche owners. We salute you, friends!

Our Pasadena Porsche Mechanics Take Pride In Your Vehicle

If you’re like most people we interact with, then you care about the cosmetic condition of your vehicle. While southern California is blessed with fairly mild and temperature weather conditions even in the winter, the end of the summer is a great time of year to re-detail your Porsche and keep things looking as sharp and pristine as possible. After all, it’s much easier to turn heads when the body of your car is so shiny that people are using it as a mirror.

So, while HOUSE Automotive will take care of any mechanical or electrical issues related to your Porsche, we’ll leave the cosmetic department up to you. To help you out, check out these simple but incredibly useful cleaning tips to maintain the best-looking Porsche on the block.

Wash Your Porsche About Once a Week

To those who don’t care much about the exterior condition of their vehicle, getting it washed once a week sounds like hell. However, Porsche owners who truly take pride in their vehicle won’t bat an eye at spending $15-20 a week keeping their ride in shiny, tip-top shape — as it should be! Realistically, those who own expensive or fast cars don’t trust drive-thru car washes at gas stations. If anything, they just use a high-pressure hose at home or visit a DIY car wash.

By washing your Porsche frequently, you’ll mitigate any damage caused to your clearcoat by pollen, bugs, dirt, grime, road debris, or anything else in the air (which, sadly, includes smoke from California wildfires this year).

Don’t Eat Inside Of Your Car

Though this probably goes without saying, eating a fast food meal inside of your car poses an obvious threat to your interior. Not only will the inside of your Porsche smell like McDonald’s, but you may have stains that are less-than-ideal to get out. Even more so, over the course of several weeks to months, food particles can and will break down carpet fibers and even attract moisture to the inside of your ride.

Keep it clean and stick to only allowing water inside of your vehicle. Sure, your buddies might think that you have a stick up your rear end, but you can shut them up pretty quick by stomping on the gas pedal.

Garage It

If you don’t have the luxury of being able to park and store your Porsche in a garage, we strongly recommend doing whatever you can to routinely access one. It’s true that we don’t experience any snow during the winter, but parking your Porsche on the driveway or even the street is not only asking for trouble from a potential vandal, but also airborne elements that make it a lot harder to maintain a clean vehicle.

It’s hard to really put our finger on it, but parking in a garage just feels right.

Keep a Microfiber Cloth On Hand

You never know when the irresistible urge to dust something off will strike, so it pays to store a few brand new, unused microfiber cloths in your Porsche. Ideal for wiping down your dashboard, instrument cluster and shifter, using a microfiber cloth is similar to parking your Porsche in the garage: it’s satisfying.

Another pointer: use a microfiber (or even a small paintbrush for the incredibly detail-oriented folk out there) to wipe away any accumulated dust in the air vents. Not only will the inside of your car be cleaner, but the air will also be better to breathe. That’s a true win/win that’s easy to do!

Stop By HOUSE Automotive For Routine Porsche Maintenance!

For all maintenance items beyond aesthetics, you can trust the friendly and knowledgeable team here at HOUSE Automotive. Feel free to schedule an appointment for routine Porsche maintenance today.

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