Highlighting What People Are Saying About Us

You’ve got to hand it to us: we tend to brag about our services and stellar customer service quite a bit, but we haven’t dedicated an entire blog post to what our Yelp reviewers have been saying about HOUSE Automotive over the years. Doing so was an eventuality because, with a perfect 5-star review based on 182 verified reviews, we just had to share a few selected customer experiences with our readers.

From Our Porsche Techs To Enthusiasts Like You

We’ve said it time and time again, but it’s an honor and a privilege to do what we do. Not everyone gets to come into work and actually do what they love, but we do. Perhaps it’s our passion for Porsche repair and service that supports our positive customer reviews…

Then again, maybe it’s because HOUSE Automotive owner, Greg Hwang, personally responds to every community question in a timely and friendly manner. Even for small businesses, that’s not necessarily commonplace.

Without further ado, let’s take a good look at a few of these highlighted and verified Yelp reviews.

Joshua’s Experience

Awesome awesome awesome place. They have THE best customer service. They took care of everything for me and communicated clearly with me through everything. They truly care about their customers.”

  • Joshua N., Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA

We appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to highlight our customer service and clear communication throughout every step of the repair process. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, always making sure that you’re on the same page with us. Thank you again, Joshua!

N C. Writes a Second Review

“Another amazing service with HOUSE. I didn’t even have to be there. Everything was done smoothly and promptly and quickly. They are very good at being responsive and quick to get working right away. Thanks again Alex.”

  • N C., Placentia, CA

We’re always grateful for the reviews that we receive, but leaving multiple reviews about multiple experiences at our Porsche shop is going above and beyond what’s expected of the average reviewer. Once again, thank you kindly, N C.!

Rocio Takes Note Of Our Passion

“This place is the place if you need servicing on your Porsche. I recommend this place as our number one place who will take care of your baby. The owner is so passionate on working on Porsche. He took good care of our 981 Cayman GTS when we had it. Come check out their shop you won’t be disappointed with the incredible work they do. Greg the owner is always so welcoming and makes you feel like you will be taken care of.

Thanks for being so AWESOME!!”

  • Rocio D., El Monte, CA

It’s true that Greg, our owner, is quite passionate about the Porsche brand and working on these incredible vehicles day in and day out. If you don’t feel welcome when you roll into our Porsche shop, then we’re doing it wrong. Thanks again for your kind words!

Edwin And His Boxster S

“They did an excellent job as usual servicing my 2003 Boxster S. They are very honest and I trust their judgement 100% when they work on my car. I feel their prices are fair and their work is of high standards. I always recommend them to my friends who own a Porsche.”

  • Edwin R., Los Angeles, CA

Who doesn’t love the tried and true Boxster? We understand that honesty is not at the forefront of other car repair businesses and services, but we make it a point to provide integrity-driven advice without unnecessary sales and upcharges. That’s just how we approach Porsche repair.

Mike M.’s Straightforward Experience

“I brought my 958 in for a major service in December then had all my brakes and tires changed last week.

I received fair pricing, honest feedback (they stated that I did not need to change my drive belt and to get tires from Tire Rack since they have better pricing than they could provide), and timely service.

Alex, Joey, and Greg did a great job.”

  • Mike M., Los Angeles, CA

From major service to simply getting you safely back on the road, we do it all and we’re proud of that fact. We also pride ourselves in our extremely competitive prices which tend to set HOUSE Automotive apart from the competition. Thanks for the review, Mike!

Become Our Next Success Story

If you’re near the greater Los Angeles area and your Porsche needs some love, we’re here to help. Contact us with any questions or feel free to schedule an appointment by visiting here.

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