Your Pasadena Porsche Repair Specialist: Highlighting Our Services At HOUSE Automotive, Pt. 1

Over the past several months, we’ve covered some pretty neat topics as they relate to the Porsche brand and taking proper care of your very own Porsche. Who could blame us for blabbing on so extensively about our favorite car brand? We’ve written about everything from celebrity Porsche owners (Jerry Seinfeld is quite the enthusiast) to the history of the iconic and timeless 911. All things considered, you could say that it’s been quite a ride.

There’s one thing that our Pasadena Porsche repair professionals seem to have glossed over, however. All this time, we’ve touched on Porsche news, various aspects of the brand, and different ownership and care tips for your benefit. While that’s all worthwhile content, HOUSE Automotive hasn’t taken the opportunity to describe our own in-house (get it?) Porsche repair and maintenance services in detail. If you’re here to learn more about our business as the most trusted independent Porsche service provider in the greater Los Angeles area, then you’re parked in the right place!

Our Pasadena Independent Porsche Service Center Is More Than Just Another Shop

We know that we’re tooting our horns a bit, but we’re honored to say that our patrons agree that HOUSE Automotive is more than just an independent Porsche repair shop in Pasadena. With a 5-star review on Yelp based on 179 beaming reviews, that’s nothing ignore. To our fellow Porsche enthusiasts, bringing your ride to us is an experience. From sharing knowledge with each other to simply congregating as a passionate community, we’re proud to be Pasadena’s go-to Porsche service center — truly.

Let’s take a look at all of the services that we currently offer (we’re always trying to upgrade and improve our business to better serve Porsche owners like you!).

Oil and Filter Changes + Yearly Services

Ah, the proverbial oil change. Surely, that’s one of the most common maintenance items out there. We’ve written about what happens to your vehicle when you don’t change your oil, and it’s not pretty.

Using only high-quality, full-synthetic oil, our yearly services typically include a tire pressure check and set, measuring the front and rear tire tread depth, measuring your front and rear brake linings, inspecting your timing belt and coolant hoses for wear, inspecting underbody covers, checking all of your fluids and topping them off, and resetting a service light if applicable.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

So, you’re thinking about buying a used Porsche. We’ll congratulate you on your new ride, but only after a pre-purchase inspection. Not only do we ensure that your used Porsche is road legal and good to drive, but we’ll identify any long-term maintenance hazards or repair issues on the horizon. You deserve a peace of mind at the wheel for thousands of miles, from our Porsche owners to your new Porsche.

Brake Fluid Flush Service

When it comes to your brakes, never go full “metal on metal.” Porsche recommends a brake fluid flush every two years, as water molecules can get inside the brake reservoir, breaking (or should we say, “braking”) down key chemicals that protect your brakes.

Transmission Service

From a true manual transmission to Porsche’s very own PDK transmission, we want you to shift gears smoothly. We’ll inspect and address areas of your transmission system including your transmission and transmission pan gasket, filter, front and rear differentials, and more.

Stay Tuned For A Follow-Up Post About Our Services!

There’s a lot that HOUSE Automotive has to offer the Porsche community here in Pasadena. Check in with us as we continue part two of this series, and feel free to contact us with any questions about how we can help you and your ride.

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