The Porsche Appeal Is Unlike Driving Anything Else

For many people, automobiles exist simply to take them from Point A to Point B. But for those that really appreciate the experience of driving itself, the joy of operating a high-performance machine is something that puts a smile on the face of a lot of drivers. While it doesn’t necessarily take a beautiful Porsche to put the thrill in the driving experience, cruising around in a 911 or a Boxster certainly does have its appeal.

Make Driving An Experience You Look Forward To

At HOUSE automotive, we understand and respect a quality driving experience, and we want to make sure that you and your Porsche are running smoothly for many drives to come. Our Pasadena independent Porsche specialists are dedicated to the health of your own Porsche whether you drive a Panamera in the city or cruise up to the mountains with your Cayenne. We appreciate that you care about a refined driving experience by driving a Porsche, and so we’re dedicating today’s blog post to the Porsche appeal.

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You Have A Street-Legal Racecar

Now, your stock Cayman or Macan might not be able to take corners at the Nürburgring quite as fast as a 918 Spyder, but Porsche does put a lot of intention into every single car they produce. The same racing engineering and mentality that goes into a highly-modified 911 pours over into the designs elements of each production model. This is actually reflected by Porsche’s motto of “There’s a racing car in every Porsche,” which became solidified after the 918 Spyder made a name for itself as the fastest street-legal sports car at the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring.

Indeed, every aspect of a Porsche – from the engine to the aerodynamics and weight distribution – works in tandem to create the optimal racing machine. Even Porsche’s family-friendly four-door models are available in configurations that exceed 300 horsepower, ensuring that your kids and dog get thrown back in their seats as you stomp on the gas.

Time-Honored Innovation

Porsche isn’t necessarily new to the automobile market. With over 65 years of experience building quality, high-performance machines, Porsche is constantly evolving and innovating its lineup of models to meet the demands of passionate drivers around the world. Two-thirds of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road, which says a lot about a company that’s been making cars for over six decades and counting.

The premium German auto brand innovates its models beyond racing, too. For example, when Porsche released the Panamera S E-Hybrid, it was the first plug-in hybrid vehicle in the premium class. By taking this step into uncharted automobile territory, Porsche acknowledged the need for fuel-efficient vehicles without sacrificing the quality performance and build that so many consumers associate with the Porsche brand. At the time, this was a risk that no other manufacturer was willing to take.

They’re Easy On The Eyes

This is actually quite the understatement, as Porsches are just beautiful to look at. Taking a moment to look back at your car and revel in its physical and mechanical beauty after you’ve parked it might not be something that your average Prius driver understands, but as Porsche owners ourselves…we just get it. In all honesty, life is too short to driving something that’s bland, boring and unstimulating. Why not drive something that’s objectively beautiful? When it comes to the styling of a car, you can’t beat the aesthetic of the Porsche 911.

Come Get Serviced By The Porsche Enthusiasts Who Care

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of friendly mechanics who care just as much as you do about your Porsche? At HOUSE Automotive, there’s an independent Porsche mechanic in Pasadena and the surrounding Los Angeles area just for you. The next time you search “Porsche mechanic near me” on your smartphone, don’t settle for anything less than the best independent Porsche service. Get in touch with HOUSE Automotive today!

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